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Our organization helps to reduce traffic accidents in road traffic leading lectures, especially at primary schools with the support of the Ministry of  Education of the Slovak Republic. 

We also work on field of education of gender equality, domestic violence prevention and anti-discrimination where we had prepared a project with a expert partner from Norway where we achieved to get a grant from EEA&Norway in year 2020 but COVID-19 stopped us.

Since we joined the Erasmus+ program in February 2020, our members attended an international event in Madrid (Spain) on anti-discrimination and gender equality, but since March, Erasmus+ projects have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the European Union project in the ERASMUS+ program at the beginning of 2021, together with the Polish organization Zielony Slon, we are organizing an event within the Mobility tools called "Sport it!", which will be attended by 30 youth workers from 6 European countries - Italy, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Participants will exchange experiences in working with young people in the field of sports.

In last months we started working on a next Erasmus+ project with a partner organization from Russia...